Sunday, January 22, 2012

What a day

Hye guys....FYI i did missed my flight to Langkawi due to a very very long queue at commuter station...and i was about to cry and i taught that maybe i could use my touch n go card and since i didn't use the card at all and reload it then i just realize that balance in the card is only 80 cent...and i burst into tears while i walk around to find touch n go re-loader takes me half an hour to find it and reload it and when back to the station....and since i walk so much my feet feels hurt and then i saw that the commuter already arrive an i run as quick as i can up an down the stairs with that heavy luggage of mine till im out of breath and i missed the train!! i was so upset and i cried so loud that i forgot people that watching me crying at that time...

So plan B is that i when for CNY at my auntie house in Bangi...after thinking for a while there then i decide to take the risk by taking bus yesterday...and i make it!! thank god!! when i arrive in Langkawi i just take a really quiet and long nap...later that evening my dad called me up...and he told me that we are going out for dinner at The Loaf...its about 45 minutes from my house..

When we arrive there, i was looking with my dad the pastries and cute little bun...i ordered shrimp and avocado salad while my mum and my dad ordered big county farmhouse, its omelette with sausage, mushrooms, chicken bacon, tomato,thyme, leek and fresh crispy green salad and also some kind of seaweeds and slow roasted chicken breast which i tried and love it! so for drinks i ordered complexion which is combination of apple, carrot and tomato juice freshly squeeze and waterfall which i forgot what it is but it is about the same with complexion but they put some ginger in it..

Shrimp and avocado salad

p/s: next time i need to take photos as quickly as i can before i forgot and start eating...haha

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