Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Froyo addiction

Although some might say that it is a bit expensive but i think i does too...but the taste of it make me addict...since before i am addict to ice-cream..last time, since my friend works at Baskin Robin...i always when there for a scoop of ice cream...either strawberry cheesecake or love potion....it is my favourite..since i when to campus which far away from home...same to my addiction...i keep it quiet an let me forgot about that addiction..now it rise back...with much more healthier version...frozen yogurt..but only certain of it...well i'm really choosy with what i ate...some people might mixed all the flavours or toppings...but what i did was i make sure that toppings and flavours blend in with each other...like yesterday i choose raspberry flavour with marshmallow, strawberry, kiwi and chocolate chip..i'm a bit disappointed that there are no cheerios breakfast cereal yesterday..they did change the toppings most of the time..maybe next time i might sneak a look at cheerios schedule then...hahaha FYI i am glad that i was born healthy and free from lactose intolerance...if not...can't imagine what that i been missing with all the ice-cream, yogurt drink, and frozen yogurt even the milkshake...i'm lucky then!! 


  1. slalu berdua , skang solo. mira mana????

  2. mira sibuk ckp ngan pakwe dye =.='


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