Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Amateur is fun

This morning i wake up early and set myself to island hopping...usually when i talk about island hopping in Langkawi my dad's favourite spot is Beras Basah Island, Eagle feeding, Maiden lake FYI  too much walking up an down the stairs which i really hate it and private beach which my dad found himself..i don't know about the legend behind the beach that my dad discover but what that i know is that sometimes fishermen will stop there for a while when they bought their families with them to go fishing because it have this beautiful fresh water waterfall and the water goes to the sea...and there was this one time where i bought some of the fresh water back and boil it and drink it with tea without sugar just plain tea and it taste amazing..

My dad told me that we are going fishing amateur style which is without fishing rod just a string and bait usually if you want to catch fishes it depends on the fish itself...the technique may vary and so the baits depends on what that you favour to caught...usually they will use squid and sometimes the caught fresh squids the night before and the next day use it as bait to caught fish....because when you are trying to caught squids it is better to caught at night with lights on...FYI squids easily attracted to lights and it will follow the fishing it is important to be my dad said fishing is just the same like have to wait until the right time to catch the fish..well not me then...i can wait like for half an hour or an hour the most...more than that if i didn't get any fish at all i do feel pissed....well it obvious that fishing is not my thing...hahaha

kecik sgt so im throwing it back into the sea

kind of same species with kerapu

that one is ikan kerisi & he caught the most 

operation in saving the small fish

idk what name is it but its shiny

i caught one coincidentally

Burn to crisp

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  1. i always have an intention to go fihing but never get the chance..wanna see my patience threshold..huuu


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