Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Triple cheesy

Well it's been amazing how time passed by so quickly...i just remember myself at the age of 18 but in a blink now i'm almost 21, i mean in 4 months time...gosh, that was quick!! as usual i would spent the short holiday, 3 days off at home by cuddling myself in my bed with teddy for days....but this time it was a little bit different...i want to make it special...i don't want to wake up next day in new year of 2012...it was like waking up to the future..but this time i'm going to my Mak Long's house which one and a half hour from my house..so not a big deal anyway....at least i did spent time something to appreciate and say goodbye to 2011....and hello 2012!!

Since days i been thinking about eating Domino's pizza the new cheese burst double decker!! i dont think much i just ordered classified chicken topping for cheese burst double decker and side order cinnastix and cheese onion ring...and i love it!! its only take them to delivery it about half and hour and withour delivery charges..the cinnastix is a sweet dessert make of pizza dough with sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar an frosting dip...as i opened my door to take my pizza..the smell of that pizza make me craving like crazy...one bite of it make you fall in love with that pizza and thank God for creating such a beautiful thing call cheese!! when you eat it when it is still hot, that pizza give you a mouthful of cheese and white sauce which blend together and melt inside your mouth....

But that evening i when to my Mak Long's house and day after that, me and my cousins when for dinner at Pizza Hut and tried Ultimate Cheese 7 pizza and to answer the question of the ads...i definitely can handle the cheese!! but the trick is....you must eat the pizza when it is still hot...otherwise the feel and the cheese wont be the same...it is best to that bite on hot pizza..and yesterday me, nurul and hem when out to get meals and we all end up at Pizza Hut...and for me it was like back-to-back pizzas 3 times a week....but this time i ordered something little bit different than usual...cheesy lave stuffed crust with beef pepperoni toppings and mushroom soup and meatball bolognaise together with creamy carbonara...Perfectto!!

Pepperoni delight cheesy lava stuffed crust

Classified chicken cheese burst double decker

After few bites


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