Thursday, January 5, 2012

Westernize diet

Yesterday, i was in a hurry as boss given to our chef a task in making 4 kind of pasta sauces: Bolognaise, Carbonara, Marinara and that was the day chef, me and Nurul when for emergency grocery shopping at Tesco...while searching for the ingredients, my eyes was caught on that beautiful baguette...i have no idea why i call it i in love with baguette?? ooh gosh!! even today i'm still thinking about baguette for my dinner tonight...its been awhile since i last ate sandwiches..usually at home my mum loves to make sandwiches for lunch which a little bit lighter and heavy dinner..and FYI it is simple to dont even need to use fire to fry or cook anything..simple sandwiches only...and his is the first time i ate sandwich baguette...and i love it!! but not as much as i love sandwich croissant..and ate that sandwiches with salad..last night i ate ceaser salad with chunky tomatoes..i noticed that my stomach need to explore new foods rather than the same dishes for 2 decades that does sound long!!

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