Thursday, January 5, 2012

Freaky lunch

Around lunch time me and Nurul when to the bank instead of post office to pay our home bill and so we when to the Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) to pay our i thought that when it is about paying bills then it should be at the counter of that company..but then again i realize when i was 18, i when to post office with my tante to pay her just i about to think that only that two places are where you should pay your bills, then this morning one of the QC lab technician told me that i can also pay my bills there..and it was so convenient and quick..its only takes about 5 minutes..and here this...i when there during lunch hour!!! 

After that, Nurul and me decided to have lunch at that area but there are just to much restaurant around there and we were so blind by the foods in that restaurant and that is when we realize that the table already full..thank god we didn't take any plate and put the dishes yet...fuuhhhh!! later then we decided to ate at the food court and it was lovely...i ordered nasi ayam berempah and Nurul ordered nasi ayam penyet...after few minutes enjoying our meals, we suppose to take cab to office but unfortunately there are no cabs that want to stop and vacant that time....huhu

this one is nasi ayam berempah

me with my yummy nasi ayam penyet

p/s: after that long walk, i think i lose some weight...hahahaha

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