Friday, January 13, 2012

My tummy wishes

I suddenly have an idea to make a post for today...i know its kind of late and im still in office...well sometimes work sucks...and what make it more fun is that what did i do after and Nurul when to buy grocery for our beloved takyah nk beloved sgt la kn home...we just keep forgetting to make grocery list and we always left certain thing behind like dish washer liquid...hahaha luckily im going for interview tomorrow so im not gonna wash any dishes today...i dont know why but this week we walk a lot...and i buy new mattress because the old one making my back in pain and look like grandma walking....err am i that bad? gosh!! 

After buy all the stuff my tummy make this rapping song and we stop by at Ice so desperate to ate that Mango Pomelo snow ice that i dream about eating it...luckily im not sleep-walking to Ice Room and order it....hahahaha so since Nurul phone still in ward so i use my phone to snap the pictures..and sorry guys if it does not look superb gorgeous...damn phone!! need to change new one...the snow ice does not look like the picture in the yang nak marah ni...
bak kata pepatah indah rupa dari khabar

In the menu looks so tempting with lots and lots of cube fresh mango...but in that green bowl i count its about 5 or 6 small cube of mango...huhuhu maybe next time i bought my own mango cubes...mcm ni restoran bapak ak yang punya....hahahaha sambil gelak jahat...but the snow ice looks really tempting...when i look at it i just scoop it and almost eat it and Nurul was like screaming...i thought that there is something in the snow ice...but she laugh and said wait she want to take photo so forgot to take a picture of it..but after that first bites i took some with covering the digging place that i scoop...i mean big scoop...

see i told you cant even see
any mango cubes there

p/s: my quotes doesn't make sense....

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