Monday, April 2, 2012

Pure Beauty super brightening review

So last week i bought trial pack of Pure Beauty range...after 15 minutes wondering which one should i buy either pomegranate, black pearl or super brightening...well i choose this one because black pearl toner smell really muddy like black charcoal and dont like the smell and pomegranate smell too this is why i buy super basically in the trial pack consist of Pure Beauty Multi-cleanser, Pure Beauty Toner and Pure Beauty Essence..its only cost RM10 in wanna give a try?

Multi-cleanser 5 ml - An advanced cleansing formula for day and night that rinses off impurities, prevent the formation of melanin and provides a soothing function to brighten and nourish the skin.. Special Vitamin E granules enhance the anti-oxidation benefits for a brighter, clearer and flawless complexion.. 

Toner 8 ml - Used after using Multi-Cleanser..It has withening formulated Toner that provides anti-oxidizing, soothing and whitening functions to combat dullness and enhance skin tone.. Key ingredients, Arbutin and Vitamin B3 help to block formation of dark skin pigmentation resulting in brighter skin..

Essence 3 ml - Used on cleansed skin both morning and night, this essence is quickly absorbed to boost the skin's whitening process and nourishing functions throughout the day.. It is concentrated formula that combats pigmentation for whiter clearer skin with a radiation glow.. 

My review:

I washed my face with multi-cleanser and after pat my face with towels, my skin feel clean and fresh. I love the toner..its like gel/liquid so i didn't spill and use lots of toner because the last time i used Avon toner..its very watery... The essence smell nice but my skin doesn't look bright or making my skin look fairer...maybe i just use it on short period only or maybe the effect will works if wearing the whole range of Pure Beauty..Overall i think it is a good product except for the whitening effect...i don't think most of people like to used whitening as they already fair..well for me it is okay...

Rate: 6/10

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