Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bio-essence Birds Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening review

Today i feel like doing review on Bio-essence Birds Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening product although i didn't buy the whole range..i just bought Clenaser and my last post hye birdie birdie i have already told you guys the story of how i end up buying this product...

Bio-essence bring your complexion to a whole new level of ultimate radiance and vitality with this powerful anti-aging and whitening range..Your skin would definitely thank you for the luxurious treat! Err anti-aging product? does it means that i will look younger from my many years younger should i be ea...hahaha

Its formulated with premium grade pure bird's nest essence and amino acid whitening complex for an effective anti-aging and whitening solution, now you can easily incorporate these elixirs of beauty to your daily skin care regime with this product.

What really is Bird's Nest?
Its not a typical bird nest that you found in your backyard or what sort came from the Collocallia species of swiftlet birds which onhibit the mountains around South East Asia with that shaped like a bowl and about 3-5 inches in diameter, this intricate web come from solidified saliva and other materials formed by male swiftlet.. Bird's nest however, contains high concentration of up to 85% water soluble glycoprotein, amino acids and epidermics growth factors (EGF) that promote cell growth and tissue repair.

Bird's Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Cleanser
It deeply cleanse and provide nourishment and collagen for softer, fairer skin..After i used this product to washed my skin feel soft and smooth and my skin tighten..even now my pimples start to reduce bit by bit..

Bird's Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Advancer 
It promotes absorption of skincare products and also advances skin condition and performance to maximize benefits of ingredients absorbed..I apply this product to my face after wash with this range of cleanser and my skin look fairer and it also feels light on my face, non-greasy..although apply the range essence would maximize the whitening effect but only using this two product is already enough for me..

This is how my face looks like after wash
 using cleanser and apply advancer

Rate: 8.5/10

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