Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hey birdie birdie

Hye guys!!! it been just busy watching korean drama and feel like a bit lazy to updated recently..hahaha oppss my bad....i dont know why but today im going to post about bird nest...actually to be honest i bought Bio-essence Birds Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening not really about bird nest after all haha well not the whole range okay...just cleanser and advancer (toner) is really expensive though..but i really like bird nest drinks..some says it is good for your health and your complexion too..i was like thinking twice either to buy it or not...but here we are...thanks to Watson and Guardian for launching biggest promotion ever competing with each other as always...the customers in between always get the benefits ...hehehe 

Well i am a member of Watson so i saw in this catalog Watson Mega Sales..which if you purchase Bio-essence Birds Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Range above RM40, you will get free 30g cleanser and PWP 30% for Bio-essence Birds Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening i called my friend up and ask her about this product...she said its good but really expensive..imagine just to buy toner cost you almost RM70...crazy or what!! i as undergraduate can't afford to maintain since the sales i was planning to buy the advancer only, which by that time only cost RM40 something and i will get free why not right??

As i was going to the Watson store near my house, they eventually didn't sell that brand..and i was like so pissed off and really disappointed...i want to get points here..hohoho so i drove to Guardian which actually if i walk only takes about 5 minutes..just try my luck there...jeng jeng jeng...they sell that products and actually i was one day late for Guardian previous promo..the day that i came to the store, the staff there still updating the price..and i was lucky that the staff there didn't update new price for i still get the promotion price...i bought advancer (RM47++/ NP: RM69.90) and cleanser (RM18++/ NP: 22) cost about RM66 and get free 30 g cleanser..

I use it for two days now...later on i'll post about the review okay..

p/s: i hope the the birds making more nest so i can buy this product regularly...hihihihihi sorry birdie!!

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  1. apa nak buat dah namanya pompuan. siannye burung


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