Monday, March 12, 2012

Day trip to Koh Adang

After few day back from Phuket now im off to Koh Adang..its actually the first time im going there...FYI from Langkawi you can take speedboat (one hour) or ferry (two hours) to Thai..its a best place where you can go have relaxed with zero other tourist...since Koh Adang is a national park so the beaches around they very clean and kinda private...usually people just came there for one or two hours picnic or camping there...but if you want to camping there the law is quite have to ask authorize permission and so on....its beautiful and i love it!!

Bad new guys...i got sunburn!!!!my face especially around my cheek..this is first time ever since long long long time ago i have sunburn...usually my skin just tan little bit..but this time well cant save it.. does it means that my skin is fair...well not so fair since i get sun burn and my skin look tan...did you guys know that the darker is your skin the higher the sun protection that your skin naturally produce....well basically you don't be needing any sun block or if you insist to buy one..just buy the product with SPF 10-20..well if you have fair should buy product with SPF 30-50..

I just bought this new sun block, it have SPF 50 and it is light and non-greasy...and it does smell like goat milk lotion..i love helps your skin become moist after the dehydration from exposure to the sun..and you can re-apply it over and over but didn't feel heavy and oily on your face and also doesn't sting your eyes..

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