Saturday, June 9, 2012

Long unemployement holiday

I've been lazy starting few months ago since i just finish my Diploma in food technology..still waiting for result degree intake 2012/2013..cant wait! im so excited that i already find condo to live in..okay my bad!! too excited since end of February now i been working with my dad..well its Mr.T decision to stay close with family though because fasting month is coming so it would be convenient to stay with family and enjoy fasting and do lots of deeds..cross-finger

So what happen last few months? hurm let see i've been moving around to Phuket again and then to Hatyai twice and Koh Adang too and also Rebak island and food-walking with my tante and her little angel..i stat exercise for few days and its stays for that few days only..well i tried okay! so now i cut on my carbs little bit because i dont exercise regularly but i did move a lot so that can be consider as exercise i think...grin hehehe

Well apparently i did loose weight little bit...i lost 3 to 4 kilos..OMG!! even my mum realize it and she start to feed me with all the stuff and i was like What!? she's the one that been bumbling that im fat and bla bla bla...and now she want me to more and more...this is insane!! hahaha

Beach at Koh Adang

Sophie and Mathijs at Rebak Island

Lee Gardens Plaza that been bombed in Hatyai

Shrimp wrap in SooHoon 

Thai traditional salad, ulam

Is it me or that little girl in green ballerina looks like Sophie

Waiting for the Jungceylon mall to open

I love you too blue elephant

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