Monday, February 13, 2012

Journey to historical city

Im not sure what happen that time but it is really spontaneous...within  half an hour after office hour, from out of nowhere we decided this craziest decision ever...we are going to Melaka!! it is just the most insane things that anyone should try it out...we when back and freshen up for the night adventure  at the city that we never been before without any clue of where to go..although it does sound really dump but the experience that you got is superbly priceless and FYI i kinda enjoy it..and most of all im so glad that the signboard in Melaka really helpful and so did Nurul's eyes..hahaha 

Actually the plan was to go to Port Dickson for sunset view and then when to Melaka which Mr.T told me was half an hour from Port Dickson..but since the plan didn't work out as i drove straight to highway Senawang not to Seremban first..anyway maybe next time i go to Port here we are in the middle of highway to the place that we never been and never knew about and i just keep is already dark when we arrive at Melaka and mot of interesting places already closed so we just when to Menara Taming Sari and Dataran Pahlawan...gosh thank god that this is not the end of the month and paycheck didn't come in yet so i didn't spent much...we went all around the megamall and i stuck at F.O.S and buy some clothes there since it got Buy 1, Get 2 Free promotion...BTW my eyes are good and sharp at finding anything in sales..hahai just cant help i bought myself a cute top tank and baby tee and Nurul bought blouse for her...

After all the walking, i soon realize that it is almost 10 pm and we didn't had dinner yet so we were searching restaurant and we found Station Kopitiam ad guys the food there not so just plain...after full our stomach with foodies i been wandering about mid-night movie and we when upstairs...actually we been thinking of watching Safe House but since we arrive to the counter quiet late so we watch Man On The Ledge...and finally we went back home around 2 in the morning...i was so tired and luckily Nurul didn't slept all the way back home...


  1. wahh...beznyer..g shopping..nak follow.....huhuhu

  2. kau duorang ni kalau tak gila tak sah hidup korang kan.


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