Saturday, September 22, 2012

Trip to Medan Day 1

Last July, i went to Medan with my parents and also my father close friend, Uncle Nikand his basically the 5 of us went to Medan..thank god his assistant, Guntur and he is Indonesian! Both of them went there earlier that they arrive at Danau Toba International Hotel early in the morning..i mean really early in the morning..while me and my parents arrive around noon..We all headed to restaurant downstairs apparently they have this kind of promo which 4+1 free buffet..what more to ask! buffet it is...hehehehe

After lunch, we went to Pasar Ikan Lama, FYI there's no fish sold or any other wet food nor dry at that market! i dont know why exactly they call it Pasar Ikan by the way...maybe long time ago that market was build as wet market...i have no idea why does it call Pasar Ikan Lama!!

You guys might been wondering what the hell am i went to Pasar Ikan Lama...the answer is they sold the cheapest and yet eye-catching telekung, headwear, kain pelekat and all those kind of stuff and they also have fabrics that i wish i would buy for my wedding and is it very cheap compared to Malaysia and our currency..BTW all shops in Malaysia bought telekung and stuff from Indonesia and they sold like few hundreds whereas if you buy telekung in this market it was like 60 ringgit and above for the same telekung..

After that, we went to Sun Plaza for tea time and to chill a little bit in the mall..everybody was like full of hunger and thirst after that walk at the market..light tea at Excelso cafe and all i wanted is nice plain cold water that can make my thirst gone! but they selling plain water at 60 rupees...i was like am i deaf or what can you say it again? yup they sell plain water for 2 ringgit instead of plain water i ordered mint tea while my dad ordered cappucino with cute design on top..i had a chicken BBQ salad while Uncle Nik ordered a slice of avocado cheese chocolate cake i think and the cake looks greenish with black that makes me thinks it was made from outer space...haha but it taste nice not bad actually..

That night, my parents wanted to relax at hotel room after all the long walking so we ordered room service food whereas Uncle Nik and Guntur went for karaoke..well cant comment about the room service food..not so good actually..but the juice fantastic! no wonder that night kinda rain heavily..oppsss hehe BTW i kidda miss Mr.T so we chat that night in Facebook..

On our way to Medan y'all

One of the shop at Pasar Ikan Lama

what a huge songkok!

Avocado cheese chocolate cake at Excelso

Room service 

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